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History of The Community Center 1983-2015

According to Evie

TCC LogoFrom an afternoon meeting in a north end Boise backyard emerged The Community Center (TCC).  Friends met and discussed how to bring some subtle notice and unity into the small Boise Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual community.  We discussed a community-wide calendar and somehow we began to think bigger.  The Community center was launched.  We also thought a long time about names to use.  We settled on The Community Center with the subtitle, Resources for Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual people.  We added Transgender folks to our subtitle many years later as we became more aware. The Paper, later Diversity, began as the first gay publication in Idaho.  TCC published Diversity for over 30 years.

For many years, we existed mostly as an organization with library books and occasional activities and no location.  In the 1970’s we had space on the ground floor of a community member’s house across from North Junior High.  Our library grew and we hired a director.  However, we had bigger appetites than funding, so we moved the library into a garage.  The community owes many thanks to Nikki and Jae for taking such good care of the books for several years.

At one point TCC had a reputation of doing, well, not much.  As a result, Your Family, Friends and Neighbors (YFFN) emerged with a bang in 1990 presenting Boise first Gay Pride Day.  Activities with these organizations along with the Imperial Sovereign Gem Court of Idaho (ISGCI) became the byword for the Boise Gay and Lesbian scene.  All worked together with the ‘NO on One’ Campaign to defeat Proposition One in 19. TCC then rented space on N 27th St and sublet space to YFFN.  At last, we had space for the library, which had grown to the largest GLBTG source in Idaho.

In 2007 we moved to a new location at 305 E 37th St, in Garden City, this location however became too small very quickly. Finally in 2014 we moved to our current location at 280 N. 8th Street Suite 130 in beautiful downtown Boise. TCC is committed to uniting the LGBT community, providing a regularly updated referral directory for medical, counseling, and legal assistance. We also provide information for LGBTQA individuals considering relocation to Idaho, as well as, for employers and organizations with a desire to encourage diversity. With your generous, ongoing support we can continue improving the quality of lives for our neighbors and friends.


Our Mission

The Community Center (TCC) is committed to uniting the LGBTQA community through educational and developmental programs. As well as, providing resources for individuals new and old to the LGBTQA community for education and find much needed support.

Founded in December 1983, The Community Center is the only facility in Idaho exclusively devoted to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) and allied population.

The Community Center (TCC) provides a safe and welcoming location for group meetings and social activities for youth groups, LBGT support groups, women’s and transgender groups.

TCC is a non-profit 501(C) 3 organization.

TCC is committed to uniting the LGBT community through educational and developmental programs such as:

  •  Information and support to employers and organizations with a desire to encourage diversity.


  •  A regularly updated referral directory for medical, counseling, and legal assistance.


  •  Information for LGBT individuals considering relocation to Idaho.


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While the address of The Center is technically located on 8th street, entering on bannock is the best way to get to it. To the left is a picture of what you will see when entering on bannock.