National Coming Out Day!

National Coming Out Day Open House   |   Thursday, October 11th  6 pm to 9 pm    |   The Community Center   |   1088 N Orchard  Boise, ID 83706   |   Please drive to the back of the building for more parking

Snacks and beverages will be available as well as a free sticker and button for everyone who shows up! dditional buttons and stickers will be available for a donation of $2 and $1 respectively. 

A free NCOD button and sticker for each person who shows up!

National Coming Out Day is observed annually to celebrate coming out and to raise awareness of the LGBT community and civil rights movement. The first decades of observances were marked by private and public people coming out, often in the media, to raise awareness and let the mainstream know that everyone knows at least one person who is lesbian or gay.

NCOD was founded in 1988 by Robert Eichberg and Jean O’Leary. Eichberg, who died in 1995 of complications from AIDS, was a psychologist from New Mexico and founder of the personal growth workshop, The Experience. O’Leary was an openly lesbian political leader and long-time activist from New York, and was at the time the head of the National Gay Rights Advocates in Los Angeles. LGBT activists, including Eichberg and O’Leary, did not want to respond defensively to anti-LGBT action because they believed it would be predictable. This caused them to found NCOD in order to maintain positivity and celebrate coming out. The date of October 11 was chosen because it is the anniversary of the 1987 National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights.

“Most people think they don’t know anyone gay or lesbian, and in fact everybody does. It is imperative that we come out and let people know who we are and disabuse them of their fears and stereotypes.”

– Robert Eichberg, in 1993

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